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Silk eye pillows, relaxing incense, releasing breathes, body adjustments, candles, heated bed, healing mantras and this is just the beginning. 💤🌟💆🏻

This could be our most transformational ritual ever.🙏🏼📿💜

Combining the healing and rejuvenating properties of ancient bronze in our Ayurvedic Kansa wands that work in harmony with our beautiful Ayurveda products and our Taizen signature movements. This ritual will leave you deeply relaxed, feeling at peace while your skin will have a youthful radiant glow. 💤💆🏼👶🏻

Exotic and aromatic senses fill the air with our hot towel infusions and purifying cleansers.  👃🏻🎍🌿

Our exclusive and unique blend of traditional Indian Herbs made into a Powder Scrub, smooth your skin by getting into every pore as it softens, cleanses, smoothes and purifies. 🍃🌿🌱

Next our warm traditional Ayurvedic oil containing over 34 herbs infuse the skin with medicinal properties as it is caressed over the skin. Inhale the divine aroma before you embark on your Kansa Wand Journey. 👃🏻🎍🌸🌱🌺

The sedating, soothing and stress relieving moves of our Kansa Wands release tension in the face, give a youthful glow, natural face lift, purifies the skin, harmonises the meridians and chakras (energy centres) to give a transformative and healing effect. 

Go right into zzz land while being cocooned in a nurturing duvet while you skin receives the nourishing benefits of our Neem infused facial masque.💤💤

Escape on your own journey while you receive a customised, intuitive massage of either the shoulders, scalp, arms or feet. Tune into where your body needs to release and restore and just receive, just be. 💆🏼👣

Awaken gently with hot infused towels and a Ajna (third eye) and eye massage with our collagen promoting nourishing oil. 💜

A customised Ayurvedic cream, nourishes and locks in moisture.🌿🍃

Relax for a second time with our silk eye pillows whilst we make you a warming fresh Ginger tea in your own teapot.💤☕️

Our best ritual yet? maybe? We'll let you decide!  💖💖

75 mins Pure Bliss £65


These will go quick 💨


Book online direct here: http://www.taizenskintherapy.co.uk/book.html







MAY you feel




With our May Ritual....

👙💜 Shrinking Violet Body Wrap
🌹💆🏻 Rose Flower Facial

👙 Get bikini ready by losing inches
💆🏼 Relax and unwind with our facial
👩🏻‍🎤 Feel like a rock star ready for the summer

2 hours RRP £111

May offer £85






Want 2017 to be the year of Perfect Health? E-mail us for more info on workshops.
 *Only 2 spaces left for January 2017






Merry Christmas!

Once again we would like to thank you all for your custom and loyalty throughout the year. Also a huge thank you for all the amazing reviews and feedback that you have sent us through the year and an even bigger thank you for all the amazing gifts, hugs, and kind words. We are truly blessed to have such amazing customers and it is an absolute pleasure to treat you all.
We wish you all a VERY MERRY Christmas and hope you have an amazing time and wish that 2017 is everything you wish it to be.
With love, Kelly, Emily, Alison, Talia and Carla xxxxx






CHRISTMAS STOCK IS STARTING TO ARRIVE- Check out what is landing! :)))





Limited Editon from £6.50



Limited Editon from £18






We are so excited to introduce our new Taizette Carla 🙋🏼😁.
Carla is our new apprentice and will be undergoing her training at Tynemet and Taizen HQ (learning the secrets of Taizen - eek!)

Carla is most looking forward to getting to meet all our lovely clients. So please say a big warm hello to Carla 




Get your Jam on in June!



Yay it's June and it's time to get you Jam on!

This month we have an exciting launch of something new - eek!


'Taizen Nail Wraps'

by Jamberry

These wraps are amazing!