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This new, very special treatment that Nichola has developed alongside Glenn Harrold, one of the worlds most successful self help hypnotists, is a therapeutic approach that harnesses the power of the Solfeggio sound frequencies and vibrations as an aid towards achieving inner balance and healing. This restorative process operates on the fundamental principle that everything in the universe, including the human body, is in a constant state of vibration. When these vibrations are disrupted due to factors such as stress, trauma or illness, the body’s overall health and well-being can be adversely affected. Immersive Solfeggio Sound Therapy aims to rectify these imbalances by utilizing specific sound frequencies that resonate with the body, facilitating a return to optimal vibration, which, in turn, promotes healing.

The Solfeggio frequencies...

396htz - Red - release deep rooted feelings of guilt, fear, shame or regret

417htz - Orange - resolve past traumas and facilitate change for a wonderful life

528htz - Gold - transform your life, repair DNA and create miracles

639htz - Green - Create emotional stability and harmonise relationships

741htz - Blue - Release deep rooted blockages and negative patterns of behaviour. Facilitate change

852htz - Indigo - Awaken your intuition and connect with your inner light

The unique treatment combines aromatherapy, massage vibration, crystals and the power of healing touch to give the ultimate relaxing sensation.

While you are receiving treatment your mind will be soothed by guided meditation and sound frequencies played through headphones.

It really IS something very special.

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