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Firstly thank you for your continued support, love and loyalty during our temporary COVID Closures.


We are leaving the decision of Mask wearing up to the discretion of our customers when entering, leaving and for the majority of our services. We do ask however that for a few small up close treatments such as LVL, Lash extensions and the possibility of Brow treatments we will request that you wear a mask while these services are carried out.

As therapists we will still be wearing our masks during services.

As always please bear with us while we navigate changes.

Below are some of the new measures we have put in place, please as always be patient and understanding as we navigate these new practices together. 

The safety of our both our staff and customers is our top priority, these measures may change as the Government regulations change so please keep checking this page when booking your appointment.

VOUCHERS:  If you have a voucher that expired during lock down please contact us directly asap as there will be a short window of extension, again please note these are for vouchers expired during lock downs only.

TIMING:  Please arrive on time for your appointment to ensure efficient working and respect staff and other customers time, please do to arrive too early as you will be asked to wait outside.

DEPOSITS: If treatment is cancelled due to COVID symptoms the deposit will remain on account, if it is not COVID related - usual cancellation policy applies.

PRICE INCREASE: There has been a price increase in some treatments to reflect supplier increases.

SAFETY MEASURES:  All of our consultations have always been digital (GDPR compliant and data protected), these will now be carried out before you arrive for you appointment.

On arrival you will be asked to wait outside adhering to current government social distancing guidelines until we contact you to come in for your appointment via text/phone or we come to collect you.

Please wear a mask on arrival.  You will be Temperature checked (non touch) and screen tested (questions) before entering.  Immediately on entering you will be asked to sterilize your hands (please do not wear gloves from outside for cross contamination).

You will be asked to put all your belongings in a closed box, this includes your phone which must be on silent mode, please bear in mind it is a small box, so please bring the minimum items with you, things like heavy coats, shopping bags etc. we ask you politely and with respect to leave in the car where possible.

Please arrive on your own for your appointment, if you need assistance for your appointment please let us at the time of booking so we can ensure minimum numbers in the salon.

If you need to purchase products this will also need to be a dedicated booking time to allocate a slot, you maybe asked to pre pay and collect as this is not 'shopping'  just an appointment collection again there is no need to wear a mask unless you wish.

There is no waiting area available during this time and food and drink is not allowed to be consumed inside the premises with the exception of water

You maybe asked to pre pay if we are staggering bookings and to help with flow at reception so please take the time to think if there is anything you need to purchase when arriving at the salon, i.e. your facial, nail products, vouchers etc.  If paying via cash this must be the correct amount and in a money bag or envelope, so again please check what you need and confirm the amount before arriving for your appointment.

Please also think about what and when you would like your next appointment before arriving as for the first few weeks of navigating this new way of working time will be need to be efficient for us as we need time to disinfect and leave fallow time before the next appointment.

WHAT WE HAVE IN PLACE FOR EXTRA SAFETY: While safety, cleanliness and hygiene is always been part of our daily working we have upped the following for you:  

*We always wash our hands before and after each client and treatment with antibacterial soap this will now be done more regularly, plus strong clinical grade hands sterilizer.

*Face masks and Visors are worn.

*Disposable gloves and aprons worn for each treatment.

*We have carried out all safety measures, have risk assessments in place and are COVID Secure, we have also undergone extra training courses on Virus safety and sterilization.

*We have plastic sheeting which is disinfected after each client as well as disposable towels, all rooms are disinfected after each treatment with a dedicated fallow time before its next use.

*We have always had sterilization measures in place for all tools, and you will see new upped measures.

*Staff are temperature checked and screened every morning on arrival and throughout the day.

*We always regularly clean down surfaces after treatments and throughout the day, this will now be upped to all door handles etc with clinical grade disinfectant.

*We have barrier screens were needed..

These may change frequently during this unknown time and due to government guidelines
so please feel free to ask any questions at

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