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Fibra DFA is an innovative latest generation Diode laser Hair Removal System with a couple fibred cable & coupled microlenses enabling precision of the laser light reaching the hair bulb. The Diode laser achieves a wavelength of around 810nm, which gives it a higher selectivity between the hair and skin around it. Fibra DFA is a safe laser suitable for all phototypes including Tanned skins with the additional benefit of rejuvenating the skin simultaneously therefore reducing in-grown hairs, folliculitis & pigmentation.


The energy distribution is even with no thermal loss and the medical protocols allows for outstanding results from the first session.


Fibra also has a separate function for skin rejuvenation, which helps with skin brightening, wrinkle reduction, age spot reduction, freckles, collagen & elastin production to maintain the youth of the skin.


• Treatment Time ( 2 mins- 1.5 hours)

• Treatments required ( Minimum 6 sessions required to begin with, more sessions would be advised according to your hair structure and phototype)

• Results ( visible from 2nd -  3rd session)

• Maintenance ( when patches of hair re-appear)

• Downtime (none)



Am I suitable for treatment?

The treatment is not suitable to pregnant or breast-feeding women. Some medical conditions are contraindicated such as Cancer, Cardiac Pace Maker, Epilepsy, this is discussed at a consultation appointment.


Fibra DFA is suitable for all skin photo types from 1-6, male & female.


How does it work?

The diode laser targets the blood supply which is needed for normal hair regrowth, it does this by recognising the melanin in the hair follicle. The light causes the damage at the root, which effects the blood supply to weaken the hair until it eventually stops growing.


Will it hurt?

The Device is cooled with a blue diamond & a dual air compressor which transfers through the sapphire tip of the head piece, ensuring the treatment is virtually painless and comfortable.


Are there any possible side effects?

Very rarely, there could be temporary redness or heat bumps which would subside in a few hours.


What pre & post treatment do I need to follow?

The laser only works if the hair bulb is within the follicle, so we encourage no form of hair removal method prior to treatment or in-between sessions. The pre-care and after care home care is highly recommended to ensure hydration within the skin which would provide optimum results

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