Facials act as a natural face lift without the need for invasive surgery. Many people show their tension in their faces causing puffiness, lines and wrinkles. Regular facial will improve the suppleness and complexion of the skin. This in turn will help firm up the underlying muscles helping to reduce the signs of ageing and creating a radiant complexion.


At Taizen we are passionate about skin, it's our thing.  Using professional powerful products and the most advanced treatments,we guarantee you skin to be proud of.

Head in the Clouds

Luxury Indian head & back massage

Hot Stone, Face & Scalp Massage

Hot Stone, back, Face & scalp massage

Rose Healing Skin Embrace

With how popular our Rose quartz facial, we introduce to you, the Rose healing embrace.

Using our gorgeous Rose products, treat yourself to a back scrub, removed with hot towels and relaxing back massage with warm Rose body oil and nourishing Rose body balm. Ending with our popular Rose quartz facial.

Rose Quartz Facial

"Rose quartz purifies and opens the heart at all levels whilst delivering inner healing and clear complexity".

A stone of love, Rose chilled eye pads, Cooling Rose water mist soufflé, cleansing melt bamboo scrub customised face and shoulder massage, Rose quartz crystal eye massage, Rose clay face and eye mask deep tissue scalp massage.

Sandlewood, Jade & Bamboo Delight

Now THIS is a Delight and a half!!! Candlelight, heated bed, soothing music and warm oils await you. A softening soufflé melt is massaged into the skin to deeply clean and nourish at first touch.

Your skin is treated to our unique and exclusive Sandalwood facial scrub that softens and smooths and purifies, its an exfoliation with a twist...

Anti aging and skin hydrating Rose, Argan, Jasmine and Avocado oils are rain dropped onto the skin, go into Zen mode whilst your therapist applies a plumping and hydrating bamboo masque and massages your skin with a delicious, cooling, soothing and lifting jade roller. 

Scalp, Face & Shoulder Delight

This one is just for the people who need their shoulders massaged and not the whole back!

Starting off with a shoulder massage, with the pressure you request, ending with a relaxing face and scalp massage.


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