Wheeeee!! We are 13 this week! :))

Wheeee!!! This week sees us turn 13!!

Wow how did that happen?

As always we would like to say a HUUUGGGGEEEE thank you to all of our amazing Clients, your loyalty, banter and support is simply awesome.... we say it every year ... YOU ROCK! :)

A huge thank you to all The Taizettes for their hard work, fun, and banter, you ladies are the heart and soul of what we do and its a massive pleasure to work alongside you.

Come celebrate this week with us.... TRIPLE LOYALTY POINTS ON ALL PRODUCTS (till 7th July) and check out our CELEBRATORY CHOCOLATE DELIGHTS.

Here's to the next 13 :)

With love Kelly, A.K.A Chief Taizette and Boss Mama ;) x

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