LvL lashes

"All About Eyes"

An introductory January offer, our amazing LVL Lash lift combined with our brand new Brow Lamination resulting in the ultimate eye package!!!


Need a New Year Lift???

A complimentary Iridium eye treatment at every appointment, when you book one of the following skin treatment courses...

Aqua3 Skin Rejuvenation
Aqualift (CACI & Aqua3 Combo)
CACI Non Surgical Facelift

An incredible saving of over £300

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The Aqua 3 facial will reinvigorate your skin, cleansing, exfoliating and hydrating for maximum results. This non invasive, non surgical procedure is perfect when you want instant results without discomfort of downtime.

CACI patented systems use microcurrent to tone lift and sculpt muscles back to their original position.

The effects are long lasting after the initial course of treatment that is proven to reduce the appearance of sagging and aging skin.

Clients, when experiencing Iridium eye treatments can expect a reduction in eye fatigue, giving immediate relief to heavy eyes and decongestment to the eye contour area by reducing dark circles. It also brightens and rejuvenates the delicate area around the eyes, treating fine lines and wrinkles.