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Tear Trough's & Dark Circles

Dark shadowing around the eyes can affect both men and women for a variety of reasons. Dark circles can be bluish, grey, or black in appearance. If you have this problem, you undoubtedly use cosmetics to conceal the darkish area – but your under-eye area may also be sunken, making it difficult to hide with makeup.

Age, heredity, recurrent eye strain, and seasonal allergies can all contribute to a dark under-eye complexion, with hyperpigmentation being the primary cause of any darker-than-normal shadowing. One of the causes of dark circles around the eyes is the thinned skin underneath the eye, which makes the veins and blood vessels beneath more visible.

Similarly, certain genetic attributes, such as having thin lower eyelid skin, might result in the same visible eye bags as becoming older. Hay fever nasal congestion can damage the eye area because it produces poor circulation, which dilates the veins, making them larger and darker than previously.

Dermal filler treatments aid to brighten the under-eye area, corrects hollow, sunken eyes, and reduces dark circles. The filler is formed of hyaluronic acid, which is present naturally in the body and has healing characteristics.

Tear trough fillers function as an excellent dark circle treatment when injected just underneath the lower eyelid area. They rapidly uplift and revitalise the skin around your eyes.

During your appointment, Taizen Aesthetic consultants will determine the causes of your dark circles and explain any lifestyle adjustments you can make to assist ease the problem. If treatment is necessary, our knowledgeable aesthetician will typically recommend the use of dermal fillers to assist restore lost volume to the area underneath the eyes, masking the appearance of dark circles and smoothing the area as a whole, making you appear more alert and youthful.

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Tear Trough Treatment £245

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